A Question of Audience


The Winter Seminar theme ‘Exhibition and Audience’ seemed well timed for the current thinking in my art practice. It opened up new questions for me in terms of thinking of audience not just as visitors to the exhibition but in a wider sense, especially as my current work is dealing with ideas around a sender (myself) and a receiver as  well as an exhibition audience.

The works shown were a closed loop in terms of sender and receiver, they were sent from me, to me, from artist to exhibition site, from employee to work. While this seemed like a neat and tidy little parameter to use for the Seminar it is limited in its scope to affect a wider audience.

Sending to self or to gallery only really involves artist and curator (in this case also the artist) and the potential viewers of the work. There is the possibility for the receiver of the work to be outside of that loop, this gives the work the possibility of commenting on something outside of drawing, journey and exhibition.

Where can the work be sent to to widen the conversation, to bring another layer of meaning or connection to another audience?

Even in terms of the drawing object itself there are ideas of tracing back the journey from wood to cardboard to box. A searching out of origin, or place – where did the trees grow?

Where was the first letter sent? Who received it?

Where is New Zealand’s equivalent of the ‘Dead Letter Office’ and what happens if I post something there?

Who would receive a drawing box?

How can I involve a wider audience and take this idea out of a closed loop?


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