With an eye to a catalogue


A review of the book can be found here: http://www.itsnicethat.com/articles/julia-hasting-akademie-x

Just before I return this book to the library, I thought I’d better reflect on what it was I liked about it, particularly in regards to the chapter by Stephanie Syjuco; A Redactive Pedagogy (Letter from the Field).

Each of the chapters by the 36 artist/writers is clearly distinguished with the use of pastel coloured pages, Syjuco’s is a lavender colour, although the text itself is not on a coloured background and is on white in a page-within-a-page framing. There is a separation of text from images which means that attention is not taken from either, and would also mean that different paper stock could be used for the image pages to allow for a higher print quality.

Syjuco’s text is written as a letter to art students/recent graduates/ prospective artists and colleagues and its tone is informal, personal and informative. A device used in this text is the addition of many footnotes, which introduce a variety of asides, anecdotes, links and insights into the above text. I think that this method could bring together a wide range of parallel texts, personal stories, quotes and varying tones, and tie them together into a coherent whole without a feeling of disjointedness.

Interestingly, sections of the writing have been hidden with the use of black censor bars, this forces the reader to insert their own ideas about what is missing from the text and bringing to mind an unseen editor, as well as breaking up the rhythm of the written text in an interesting way.

The text itself is useful advice from someone in the field, a practising artist navigating the territory of being a self-conscious artist making work in the world.  See chapter below (click for larger images and my apologies for the image quality, I just used my phone).

DSC_0290-01 DSC_0291-01 DSC_0292-01 DSC_0293-01 DSC_0294-01 DSC_0295-01 DSC_0296-01 DSC_0297-01 DSC_0298-01 DSC_0299-01 DSC_0300-01 DSC_0301-01 artist making work in the world.




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