Images from the exhibition Bigfoot a group exhibition, held at a private residence in Mt Eden. Really interesting to see work in a domestic setting. Images are from my phone or from Bigfoot’s Facebook Page. Big thanks to Emma Anderton and Lea Schlatter for the invitation.


11722593_10154104559294852_456571792363587972_o 11717352_10154104595974852_578254605705257492_o 11722280_10154104564949852_939662144784285207_o 11707759_10154104564019852_7360396126573080001_o 11698988_10154104564464852_9172013222147098202_o 11696386_10154104561624852_6470281996697974778_o wpid-imag2228.jpg 11062370_10154104562804852_4744470834010987776_o 11227546_10154104560689852_7472977368662664463_o 11258212_10154104566889852_2687661971849512994_o 11412009_10154104564669852_7069325803108483418_o  wpid-imag2237.jpg wpid-imag2233.jpg





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