Some thoughts on what I’ve been doing.

I have been drawing in my sleep, trying to erase any conscious involvement with the marks I put on paper. Initially this was to remove myself from the drawing – to become an automation that the spirit of my grandfather could use to contact me (as per our agreement before his death) if such a thing was within the realms of possibility. The time I spent waiting with a drawing device in hand became easier to extend over hours when I was unaware of the hours passing. The idea of tucking myself into my bed with a hand on the drawing device and sleeping through the creation of a drawing seemed a natural extension.


Rose Meyer Sleep, 6 hours

The more distanced I became from the drawings the more I liked them, the condensing of a whole nights sleep into simple crooked line and the not knowingness, the surprise and interest when I opened my eyes to see what I had made without knowing it.

I wanted to push myself further away from them. How can invisible forces make my marks for me?At first I placed them in a suitcase in the back of my car and they accompanied me on my daily activities, picking up the incidental motions and movements of my travels and errands.


Rose Meyer – Drop car off for Brakes Test

But this was still tied to me, to where I was going, it has potential when I work out what to do with it but I still wanted more distance. Using the postal system means the drawing leaves my hands entirely and is created in transit by the motions of unknown hands. This way too I get the satisfaction of receiving parcels in the mail and that same feeling of wonder as I open the box to see what I have made without knowing it

Rose Meyer - To a friend I have never visited

Rose Meyer – To a friend I have never visited



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