How Proust Can Change Your Life

A Link to a blog on a book How Proust Can Change Your Life by Alain de Botton

How Proust can Change Yo001




I just listened to this as a soothing conversational audiobook, downloaded to my tablet and played as I roamed my living space shelving the books accumulated over the years and drinking unsweetened lemon tea made from the lemons plucked from my fathers windblown tree and thinking about the complexities of language, the construction of abnormally long sentences and the intense amount of detail and the kind of stream of consciousness dialogue that occurs when a sentence surpasses the normal length and how it would be lovely to put into a physical form the longest sentence Proust had written when Alain de Botton mentioned that Proust’s longest sentence if printed in standard font would wrap snugly around the base of a wine bottle seventeen times and I wished that I had thought of doing that.

Also that I had been the first to think of thinking of doing that.


3 thoughts on “How Proust Can Change Your Life

      • Ha don’t read Proust is my recommendation. Perhaps read about him. The one that I started to read “remembrance of things past” is painfully long and soppy, but perhaps thats your cup o tea. he often cited along side the subject of time and the stretching of

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