Links and things to re-read.

Ann Veronica Janssens: a blog post written by Stella Brennan

Joyce Hinterding, Graphite as a conductor (video)

The Guardian on Starling 

The Telegraph on Starling

Frieze on Starling

Frieze on Joachim Koester

Joachim Koester’s beautiful book

Koester’s Artist page at Nicolai Wallner Gallery

Koester talking about his show: Of Spirits and Empty Spaces

Art:21 : Pierre Huyghe (Video)

An interview by Rikrit Tiravanija with Pierre Huyghe (Interview Magazine)

Jason Dodge Page at Casey Kaplan Gallery (great image gallery)

Art in America: Jason Dodge’s Poetic Conceptualism

Brooklyn Rail on Jason Dodge

Frieze on Dodge




A book I want and can’t find for free. (sigh)

Pels, P. (2003). P. Pels & Birgit Meyer (Eds.), Magic and modernity, interfaces of revelation and concealment (pp 1–38). California: Stanford University Press.


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