Human Practices

The Practices of a Culture. The Things We Do.

I’m quite interested in things we do as a species, as a culture in history and in the contemporary and their origins; the stories that inform those histories, those actions.

Like a walk through history, through the practices of the then and the now, things resonate.

Luckily I also have an interest in the glitch, the spaces between what is intended and it’s actuality, those holes where suspense lingers and apprehension or suspension resound, where nothing happens and everything happens all-at-once.

I see correlation between the origins of things and their practices today, and the intentions of media, of technology, of doing and in unexpected outcomes, or lack of. All the best intentions doesn’t always lead to actualities, to what was wanted, but can lead to other places instead.

I am excited by the relationship between horses and space shuttles (thanks Henry), medieval sheep and paperback books, moons of honey, and filming the blue screen of the sky which is all-at-once the ceiling of our small blue planet; an endless depth of air and frequency, a window to space and also an error; a fault, where the portal to the digital is broken, a video is not playing, a computer has died a small death.




It even has it’s own Wikipedia page: BSoD


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