Oh is for Orbs.



Link to The Riddle of the Orbs, 17.21 minutes. Philip Carr (2004 version):  http:// http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=YS-Yuf43o6

Even if an orb is the dust captured by being illuminated by the flash of a camera, invisible to the photographer but present in the place, wouldn’t it still be a ghost? Dust is specific to place, it is made up from a person’s skin, hair, belongings, pets, food, their environment, their activities. These things are trace, these are remnants of a person’s life invisible to the naked eye but there. These things act like ghosts, they swarm around you invisible in the room, settling on your skin, entering your body with every breath.
These things, everyday particles, are the ghostings of a person in place.


One thought on “Oh is for Orbs.

  1. I agree – and think about the (I think) victorian expression “ghosts in the machine” as a way to describe the photographic process. Inf act I actually know some one who firmly believes those orbs are ghosts perhaps you should meet?

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