Yellow as Device


Listening to Dave’s talk and looking at his work I noticed yellow showing up as a player in many of his works. Yellow as a structural device in the photographs, as an echoing graphic device in the page design and of course yellow in the subject.

It got me to wondering is this because it is used as a dividing device, a ‘council colour’; yellow  used to delineate where to go and where to stop in public spaces so present in architecture by default? Or is it the artist (attracted like moth to light) following the aesthetic delineations made by the striking bold slashes of yellow and using them to balance (or unbalance) an image.IMAG0954

Or am I the moth? Am I attracted to the bright lights, the glaring flashes in the imagery. Is it my own perception being drawn to those parts in Dave’s work (and even to the yellow stripes on his shoes), is it just me? Me and the bees? Attracted to flashes of bright colour in monotone backgrounds. A search for pollen, or a magpie searching for things to add to the nest.



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