Vodka in your Shoes

Sometimes as a musician you end up in some surreal places that I doubt an artist finds themselves in.
At Saturday nights gig a European man threw hundreds of dollars at me, literally threw it, maybe 300, 400 dollars in a green confetti of 20s. I was shocked, I was even more shocked when in our next set he did it again.

I didn’t know whether to be flattered or insulted. Glad that I was getting extra cash for work that is usually underpaid and done for the love of it. Or insulted that he couldn’t hand it to me and say thanks but threw it it me like some kind of absurd lolly scramble for me to scuttle about on the floor for. I was mid song and could only keep going while the floor erupted into a melee of grabbing hands. Luckily most of the folk on the floor were regular fans so I still got most of it and still had plenty to share with the band, the bar staff and the regulars. Surreal. Usually it’s just people spilling vodka on your shoes and over your amp and wanting horrible requests that I’m glad I don’t know.

Imagine if when you were making art some random drunken man threw cash at your feet.

It would be awesome.


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