From the Green Chapter


Here is a little exert from Tessa Lairds beautiful book A Rainbow Reader.

In The Botany of Desire, Pollan has an epiphany that it may be the plants, and not the gardener in control: “All these plants, which I’d always regarded as the objects of my desire, were also, I realised, subjects, acting on me, getting me to do things for them they couldn’t do for themselves.” He says that, “We automatically think of domestication as something we do to other species, but it makes just as much sense to think of it as something certain plants and animals have done to us, a clever evolutionary strategy for advancing their own interests. The species that have spent the last ten thousand or so years figuring out how best to feed, heal, clothe, intoxicate, and otherwise delight us have mde themselves some of nature’s greatest success stories.” And that “…in a coevolutionary relationship, every subject is also an object, every object a subject.”



It’s all a matter of perspective.



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