Billy and Irma

These are some bits and pieces about the artwork Severe Tropical Storm 9301 Irma Billy Apple made as a passenger on a container ship going to Osaka which was affected by typhoon Irma.


“Severe Tropical Storm 9301 Irma’s conceptual twist is the artist’s passive position in the work – instead of orchestrating art activities to produce data, it is Nature that dictates to the artist and provides the conceptual impetus. Apple’s forté is his ability to use this information as the given, and to refine and present it in an art context within his own set of documentary and branding systems”  – Mary Morrison.


You can see images from the work at Window Gallery’s site HERE

A write up about the artwork by Mary Morrison from the ADA’s (Aotearoa Digital Arts Network) website HERE

And the work discussed by scientist artist Craig Hilton on The Free Library’s website HERE

You can also download a PDF version of Craig Hilton’s discussion by clicking HERE

One of the coolest things in this work is the sound piece (which I have never heard) and the cleverness of turning the alphabet into musical notation as described here:

Apple and Besser’s musical notation is derived from a composing system that correlates letters of the alphabet and numbers, with the twelve pitch, chromatic western scale. The first twelve letters of the alphabet are paired up with the twelve individual notes of the scale, but from the thirteenth letter on, double note chords replace single notes. The thirteenth letter [i.e. M] become one and three, combining two notes, (1) A and (3) B, to make the chord. This principal continues up to the twenty-sixth letter [Z] while all numbers in the textual data have a unique note for each of the nine numerals “ – John Hurrell.


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