Felton Biennial Reports

Some thoughts on Austrailian artist Nicholas Felton

Check out his work here: http://feltron.com 

Visually I find these interesting in the artists use of info-graphics, his investigation of the most succinct way to display information to make it easily understandable and his use of a colour theme ties each report together aesthetically. Conceptually it is interesting to be able to view almost at a glance the day to day, year to year, mundane statistics of one mans life. It is a fascinating yet banal view of ordinary contemporary life. Making something out of the ordinary elements of mundane life and offering them up for inspection by the viewer. There is no real feeling of voyeurism because of the info-graphic like display, the information is carefully ordered and displayed for inspection.

There is a relation between artist and viewer, information and reader. The viewer/reader cannot help but relate the data to themselves and ask if their own lifestyle would compare to that of the artist; how their own numbers would add up. The project becomes interesting in it’s accumulation, looking at the differences from year to year, how the artists life has changed. It is diaristic although not in the sense of what the artist was thinking or feeling, not interior and emotional but still in the daily record of a life lived, glimpses of the artists mind show through.




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