Dream Machines

This is a bit cheeky, it is a chapter out of the book by Susan Hiller; The Provisional Texture of Reality: selected talks and texts, 1977 – 2007. I have just scanned the chapter from the book because the chapter acts as a kind of mind exhibition. Each work in the exhibition is documented and the ideas written about but no work is shown (due to the book having no pictures)and so you have to imagine what they look like, but I like it this way. I thought by scanning the writing, it becomes again like a picture and if I ever print them out and hang them, they become artworks again.    Makes for some great reading.

Dream Machines 1

Dream Machines 3Dream Machines 2


Dream Machines 4

Dream Machines 5

Dream Machines 6

Dream Machines 7

Dream Machines 8

Dream Machines 9

Dream Machines 10

Dream Machines 11

Dream Machines 12

Dream Machines 13

Dream Machines 14

Dream Machines 15


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