Thoughts on Things (Part one )

Oops I thought I had posted this already but I obviously haven’t.

I wrote this last week and meant to parcel it out in smaller blog posts but because I am now a week behind my own self imposed schedule I shall do it in larger chunks. Before the coming seminar I thought it might be a good idea to write a bit about what I have been thinking about some of the works I might put up.


These were created from some of the data I collected. They are shown without labeling on the axis so that the proportions or measurements are unknown. I am unsure of whether to title them with their content i.e. temperature or wind direction or to leave them entirely blank. I was exploring graphing as a drawing – to convey information but also leave room for the viewer to bring something to the party so to speak. I tried a slightly different approach with a couple of them, seeing how I could play off the handmade or ‘working out’ aspect of the graphs against an analytical kind of cleanness. I particularly enjoy the ore pencil drawn work, it has a roughness to it that I enjoy that was lost in the pen work of the more ‘completed’ blue graph.

wind direction graph

IMG_20130820_183224   IMG_20130820_183248

TRANSPARENCY (no photos sorry)

Again these were made from the collected info and like the other graphs they are left blank with no scale or axis to let the viewer know what they are looking at. I’ve been wanting to show these on a light-box as when they overlap each other there are some great shapes and line-work made from the spaces where lines cross and recross. There son’t quite feel like finished works and I’m wondering whether to increase the scale and redraw them or to build them light-boxes. The draw-er in me wants to redraw at a larger scale and make them all clean and beautiful but I’m questioning that instinct as I wonder if that is me privileging the act of drawing rather than what might be best for the work.



This is still in its infancy so may not make it to seminar. It’s quite large 160 x 125 cm and the places in the drawing where it is beginning to work are the places where it is beginning to layer up. IMG_20130904_145545

I havent worked this large and gesturally before so I don’t want to rush it and have it fall over. This drawing is a bit of a knee jerk reaction – I had been working with very tidy, precise, measured works and felt like I needed to do something a bit different. The image is one I have taken from the internet. Back at the beginning of the year when I was thinking about collecting clouds I did a google search and this image popped up, I even did a small sketch of part of it in February as a tester for drawing style and paper stock (sorry about the blurry)


Every time I have google searched for clouds or other sky related words the image has appeared in my periphery.


While I was drawing the large drawing I was wondering what the size gave to the image. It makes it a bit immense which is nice and the gestural mark making is instilling some energy into the drawing as well, I was wondering what it would do at a much smaller size. What would happen? I redid my image search and measures the size of the thumbnail image amongst the other thumbnails. I drew it that size on the page – the page itself is 100 x 65 cm and I left the rest of the page blank. I like this teeny window of sky – it’s so opposite to the way sky is normally percieved.



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