Precious Metals

Its a bit of a side project but worth posting about.

Uxbridge Gallery   is having an exhibition in October about ‘Hope‘. Part of the idea is that all the artists involved work on laser cut cross shapes. I put forward a brief wee pitch to the curator and she accepted my proposal so I get to be in the show (fun!).

I didn’t see the cross shapes as crosses I saw them as X’s, like the kisses that append a text or email. Auckland’s name in Te Reo is Tamaki Makau Rau or land of 1000 lovers. For this month (August) I have been collecting kisses, some physical but mostly in texts, facebook and emails. My hope was that I would reach 1000 kisses. I have leafed three of the wooden X shapes, one in 24 carat gold, one in sterling silver and one in bronze (copper actually).

The gold one was going to be plain (a big golden kiss) the silver one was going to have the kiss collection on it in white and the copper was going to have the tally or count of the kisses. However, I am well over 1000 kisses so I have some leftover or spare kisses to contend with so things may be shuffled round a bit.

Thought I would post some photos of the way that they took over my dining table this afternoon.

work station

There’s my little buddy having a stretch, he normally “works” with his eyes closed on my feet under the table. 😉


320mm x 320mm MDF Silver, Gold, Copper

They are still unpolished and of course I haven’t written on them yet, I’m using swanky new Molotow Paint Markers which are lovely.


I will post some pics when I have sorted out what I’m doing with the extra kisses.

I’m also such a hoarder/miser that I couldn’t help but rescue/save/collect up all the little bits of metal in a little glass jar.

blog 3

And then I couldn’t resist taking a few photos (on my velvet jacket) of my new little metal collection.

blog 1

blog 2





One thought on “Precious Metals

  1. Doing something else creative is good (I think), as it helps to keep the mind open to experiences. It can also help to feed other creative projects. It is a lovely idea and am looking forward to seeing how you will process the kisses

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