On Longing – Part One, Prologue



This is the prologue from the book On Longing by Susan Stewart.

I am finding the book itself quite hard to read so am just about to skip to the very end and just read a section that I hope might be useful.

in the meantime, I thought I would post this, it actually reminds me of Riley’s work for some reason…



on longing


2 thoughts on “On Longing – Part One, Prologue

  1. ooh I know what you mean…..actually I have been interested in the suburbs for a while, I suppose its a bit of longing thing, in a way a kind of working class nostalgia-or reminder of all the messed up things that go on in suburbia behind closed doors…..and then there is the walking around aspect the flanuer the intellectualizing/agonizing about one surroundings.

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