Graphs in the Studio

Apologies for the phone photos.


Wind Direction and Wind Speed A3 ish

I think I was trying too hard to push things together, wind direction is in a kind of fractured pie chard and the wind speed in a plotted graph. I was trying to put all the wind information in one place but I think its a bit of a fail. 🙂


working drawing 1

Wind Direction working drawing. 63 x 81 ish cm.

Tying to draw precisely the right amount of degrees and angles using tools like protractors and  string compasses. All quite foreign territory for me. there is something in the roughness of this drawing that was lost in the more sterile finished work.

wind direction graph

Wind Direction. 63 x 81 ish cm.

It has lost the quicker “working out” like quality of the earlier drawing, it seems more clinical and authoritative and less human, I’m not sure which is a better representation of putting less of me into the work. I feel like I liked it in pencil roughed out and covered in wrong lines and rubbings out, featuring the mistaken marks and smudges of the artists hand. The clean and precise ink version took longer of course but I see less of my own personal hand in it which could be a good thing.


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