Feed-back to feed-forward

Things to remember and to think about.

  • Continue to think about the value I place on something when I hand draw it and what happens when the drawing or the idea is mediated through different media. How does the value change? What does the translation do?
  • Keep opening the ideas outward ” follow the consequences” push things into different media, into different areas into different ideas.
  • Be aware of the territory I am in and the readings and associations it may have for other people. The weather and science can be quite loaded and politicized areas. Highly charged and capable of sending a shiver down the spine.
  • Become less important in the work (& I have trouble with this) let the personal go and see what happens when I step away from the work.
  • Be aware of and push at a balance between tedium and interest, control and release, theatrics and science, poetry and banality. These things can play off each other in interesting ways.
  • Ambiguity is where some of these things become interesting, where each person reads the same thing in a different way.
  • Hold things in-between rather than finishing things and trying to resolve them, what can be interesting is the epic extremes of things and the in-betweens of things.
  • keep making lots of work and pushing those things further and further. Then see how they work together (or don’t work together in interesting ways) in an installation.




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