Some Things I Have Been To Recently

I will do this in order of when I went to these things, like a massive journal of some of the things I have been looking at in the last 7 days.

(please excuse the photo quality, I was only using my phone )


Tuesday 7th: ‘Over and Over’ at ArtStation. Great show by some friends and ex-Whitecliffians, awesomely there was a table of little artworks you could take home with you (for free) on the opening night. This one is mine:

Photo on 2013-05-14 at 17.43  This is by Priscilla Hunter, was pleased to get one of hers, the ghost ring I’m wearing in the photo is also made by her. I also became half owner of a painting by Anna Sharman, I am timesharing it with a friend.






These next few Pics are from ‘A Word Of Art’ during it’s opening night on Thursday 9th.

The exhibition is running till 27 June at Uxbridge. 35 Uxbridge Rd Howick.

These lovely ladies are Tania and Hannah, standing infront of Hannah Turner’s stained glass ‘Evolve’





IMG_20130509_193623_edit0    Ian Cheesemans work

IMG_20130509_193706_edit0Deborah Crowe

IMG_20130509_194205_edit0Oh dear, I have lost the artists name.







Aleksander Petrovic




Aleksander Petrovic (detail)












Jessamyn Gemming









Paul Hartigan



On Saturday I made it in to see Andy Warhol at Gow Langsford on the show’s last day. I am really pleased that I went along.

I have seen his work printed in books a million times but in person they are much more interesting. It is their flaws and faults that remind you that they were made by a person, not a machine. The flaws are a connector (for me) between the artist and the viewer, and those things can be lost when you see the images reproduced in a book. Or on a blog for that matter.












IMG_20130511_140746 I really loved this one. This kinda looked a bit like something Reuben Patterson would do with its simple colour and sparkles but of course where this one differs from Patterson is that this ones ‘bling’ is diamond dust. Which I thought was fitting for a portrait of someone that Warhol admired.





After leaving Gow Langsford, I popped into Antoinette Godkin.

IMG_20130511_135441_edit0IMG_20130511_135451_edit0 This was a lovely work by Lianne Edwards. I was interested in the repetition of the work and also the display method for that information, delicate cutouts on thin bands of paper suspended above the backing, like butterflies.












The main work that interested me in this gallery was a work, or series of work by Nicola Holden. The work is called ‘Horizon’ and I found this useful in thinking about the display of my own work.

IMG_20130511_135352_edit0 IMG_20130511_135357_edit0



The works here are repetitive, and the aesthetic is similar to the series of cloud drawings I have been doing. What I found interesting to think about was the way they had been installed in the corner of the room. I found that this used your peripheral vision when viewing the work. When standing in front of the work it became immersive as it filled your field of vision. I thought that this might be a display strategy that could be interesting to experiment with in my own work.


Lastly, on Saturday I went to Ferari Gallery for the first time. I hadn’t been before as I felt that it was ‘too cool for school’ and I am a little ‘too school for cool’ if you know what I mean. As I suspected I felt very daunted turning up there, luckily I had my partner in crime Mrs Turner with me, still we didn’t stay long. What had pulled me out of my safety zone was a show by John Ward Knox, an artist whose work I am a fan of. Ward Knox’s work is varied and I was hoping to see some of his beautifully rendered paintings or drawings. So I was quite surprised to see this:


Not a pretty picture in sight. I spotted some paper nailed to a wall behind Judy Darragh (!) who was talking to Chris Knox (!!) and read a printout from wiki about the chemicals that make up the human body. Ahhh, I thought, now I get the connection. Many of Ward Knox’s paintings deal with the body or parts of it and this assemblage is another way for him to investigate the human body and its parts. Things were being taken from the assemblage and pocketed or drunk so the work also had a reference to Felix Gonzales-torres and his piles of candy.

I found this work to be exciting less for itself then what it meant for the artist. Ward Knox is capable of beautiful fine work, he has a reputation for it and still he has pushed forward with an idea that ‘goes against’ that aesthetic. That is something I admire.



2 thoughts on “Some Things I Have Been To Recently

  1. Cool thanks Rose, yes that Ward Knox fellow has some interesting work. hmm doing any more gallery visits. I’m like a virtual Auckland art gallery goer now!

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