Silverpoint first attempt


Having never tried Silverpoint before and wanting to give it a go, I  copied some of Quentin Blake’s goat drawings for my Mum.

QBs goats

I love Blake’s drawings, they are so whimsical and full of energy and have such an economy of line. I Feel like a bit of a cheat, just copying his work but I know Mum will love it and it gave me an excuse to just have a play.

QBs goats 3 QBs goats 2


2 thoughts on “Silverpoint first attempt

  1. Yes I think these show a great sense of movement and play, Hey what is silver point exactly? never heard of this, how does it work 🙂

    • Lovely stuff, it’s a white base that you paint on to something like paper, and it acts like a kind of sandpaper in a way. you draw onto it with a silverpoint pen which is just a blunt needle of silver. I am thinking of having a play with drawing on it with a variety of metals like gold, or even copper wire. Imagine a portrait of Nana drawn using her earrings or using the metals in an electrical appliance to draw with.

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