First Day of Autumn


It’s the first day of Autumn today and so begins a new diary like drawing project that will span from the first till the last day of Autumn.

Every day I am going  to go outside and attempt to (as quickly as I can) record a small section of sky, drawing the clouds or clear skies above me. The drawings themselves may be a bit uninteresting but I hope that cumulatively they will become more engaging. I am also recording information to accompany each drawing. Using phone apps  and GPS location mapping I am recording the weather forecast for my location, temperature, wind speed, humidity etc, as well as the latitude and longitude of my location at the time of drawing.

In a way it’s kind of two different ways of looking up.

One is analogue, looking at the sky and recording what you can see with your hand and eye. The other is digital, looking up at the satellites, looking up digital information using the technology that is easily accessible to me and recording that information as well.

I guess that these drawings and their accompanying information will act like a diary or journal of my location and what is above me for the next three months, mapping the weather around me, my whereabouts and what I see. 



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